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Encore Opportunity Awards
People Everywhere Are Working for the Greater Good in the Second Half of Life

To learn about the 2009 Encore Opportunity Award winners, please visit Encore.org/employers.


The MetLife Foundation/Civic Ventures Encore Opportunity Awards are for innovative organizations that tap the passion and experience of people over 50 to improve society. It’s a salute to any nonprofit or public sector agency that takes on local, national, or international social challenges by engaging this vast and vibrant encore career workforce for the public good.

Nominations are open for creative organizations that engage people over 50 in encore careers – doing work that combines continued income with personal meaning and social impact – to meet society’s biggest needs. Consider these examples of new approaches combining the spirit of service with the benefits of work:

  • A program recruits people over 50 and matches them with flexible schedule jobs in social service and government agencies.
  • A hospital creates patient counselor jobs, and offers seasonal-work positions with full-year benefits, to recruit and retain experienced nurses.
  • A school district pays stipends to experienced adults tutoring students in math and science.
  • A nonprofit advances its mission by adding new part-time or part-year jobs that attract older adults seeking meaningful, flexible work.

This Award does not apply to volunteer work done without any type of compensation. "Compensation," however, is broadly viewed and can include things such as health insurance, stipends, living allowance, or other creative benefits. Organizations that are engaging individuals over 50 solely as volunteers, without any form of compensation, are not eligible for an Encore Opportunity Award.

At this time, the Encore Opportunity Awards are only available to US-based nonprofit organizations or public sector agencies.

The Encore Opportunity Awards are sponsored by Civic Ventures – a think tank on boomers, work, and social purpose – and is funded by the MetLife Foundation. To learn about the Encore Careers campaign, visit Encore.org.

2009 Encore Opportunity Award Winners 2007 Encore Opportunity Award Winners* Plus, from The Conference Board: *The Encore Opportunity Awards were previously titled the BreakThrough Award.


Building a workforce for change in the new century
Building a workforce for change in the new century

Millions of Americans are working in new ways to new ends in a new stage of life. These people are not simply extending their years on the job, they are doing work that adds deeper meaning to these years.

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