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Policy Papers
People Everywhere Are Working for the Greater Good in the Second Half of Life
UPSThe Civic Ventures Policy Series, focusing on older adults and civic engagement, is made possible through generous support from The UPS Foundation.

Building an Experience Dividend
State Governments Lead the Call to Engage Boomers

As thousands of baby boomers turn 60 every day, 5 states are taking the lead in seeing the social potential of the aging baby boomers. Arizona, California, Maryland, New York and Massachusetts, are each creating new and innovative programs that put boomers to work for the greater good. And, they're setting an example for the federal government and other states to follow on how best to utilize the skill and experience of adults over 50.
Are You Experienced?
How Boomers Can Help Our Government Meet Its Talent Needs

As millions of baby boomers begin to retire, our federal government, the nation’s largest employer, will be especially hard hit. One solution to the brain drain is to look toward other retiring boomers – from the military and the public and nonprofit sectors – to fill those positions at not only the federal level, but the state and local level as well. Over time, government has grown isolated from external talent pools, with very from the private and nonprofit sectors moving into the highest levels of civil service. Flipping the equation would be a win-win for older Americans, who would find meaningful opportunities to use their talents and experience, and for the federal government, which would gain highly skilled talent to help solve our nation’s most pressing problems.
Troops to Teachers
A Model Pathway to a Second Tour of Duty

This federal program matches untapped resources, experienced military veterans, with unmet needs – committed teachers and role models in challenged schools and underserved communities. Troops to Teachers helps those with at least ten years of military service transition to careers in public school teaching and administration. Since 1994, the program has trained and placed 9500 veterans in the classrooms where they are needed most.
Boomers and National Service
Learning from the Success of Youth Service

In the early 1990s a grassroots youth service movement called the Commission on National and Community Service emerged and began to attract attention. The original proposals for this commission, as presented to the President and Congress, included provisions for older adult service, but they were later dropped. This unfinished business calls to be revisited, as millions of public-minded older Americans stand at the brink of retirement, ready to engage in tackling our nation’s most difficult social challenges.
Many good paths
Many good paths

The transition to a next chapter can involve recycling, changing, or starting a career. A 30-year executive in advertising now teaches the subject at a local college. A Marine Corps brigadier general now runs an urban hunger relief program. An avid recreational biker now helps adults learn the importance of being active.

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